The website MOSTY EUROPY [ BRIDGES WITHIN EUROPE ] was formed by a group of intellectuals alarmed by the activity of certain populist and nationalist parties which, as they grow in strength, strive to destroy the main interconnecting bridges between European communities. From our standpoint those bridges consist of the following:

LAW - as the only authority commonly accepted by the communities which make up the European Union. Each country, in attempting to accede to the EU, had to build its own bridge to EU law;

TOLERANCE - as a leading idea of Europeanism that enables

DIALOGUE, recognizing the

MULTICULTURAL character of the European community as a whole, as well as

ECUMENISM as the factor that enhances religious tolerance.

The history of humanity has shown that life without those bridges becomes intolerable. We should cherish the fact that it was possible to build them in Europe. However, the time has come for us to actively nurture these bridges and frustrate all attempts by populism and extreme nationalism to destroy them.

Let us join the defenders of EUROPEAN BRIDGES!